How To Avoid Brassy Blonde Hair

How To Avoid Brassy Blonde Hair

From first-hand experience, the scariest phrase you could ever utter to a light-haired girl is brassy blonde!

I recently scrimped and saved my hard-earned pennies for an all-out hair makeover. I made my booking weeks in advance and went in for a consultation before the date, declaring my desire for platinum hair.

Toner Tricks

Appointment time eventually rolled around and after a few hours, I swished out of the salon with snow-white locks that wouldn’t look out of place atop a Christmas tree.

After a few weeks, however, I noticed the bright, glowing highlights had given way to some creepy yellow tones.  I headed back to the salon feeling a little confused and it was confirmed that yes, after some time, the initial colour will tend to fade, She told me that I’d need to keep an eye on it to keep it looking as fabulous as it did at first. Fortunately, she explained, it’s not that hard to do. Booking in to get a toner professionally administered every couple of months should do the trick.

Other Tips

Apart from that, there were a few more things I could do myself at home to help keep my hair looking as bright and light as possible. Here’s the low down I got:

1. Use a really great shampoo and conditioner designed for colour treated hair and make it a purple one. The purple works to neutralize unwanted tones as yellow is opposite on the colour wheel.

2. Avoid exposure to sun and chlorine. The harsh heat of the sun and the chemicals from your swimming pool will leave your hair dry and brittle, making it extra prone to damage and harder to keep the newer blonde dye in, resulting in more of the yellower tones peeking through from underneath.

3. Invest in a shower filter that cuts out the mineral deposits that come through. This might sound a little extreme at first but it will make a difference. The chlorine and mineral deposits from hard water result in a build-up of these chemicals on your hair, drying it out and fading the colour.