How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Your Own Hair

How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Your Own Hair

For natural, enviably flawless looking tresses, it’s important to carefully blend your hair extensions with the hair on your head as seamlessly as possible. Here are my top tips that I’ve learned over the years that I use to blend my own hair in perfectly with my hair extensions:

Firstly, I always use the colour matching service that Medusa Australia offers to make sure the colour of my hair extensions resembles the shade on my head as closely as possible. I use this free service all the time, as I’m constantly changing the colour of my locks, and so I quite frequently have the need for different coloured hair extensions.

Sometimes, in a rare occurrence, I can’t find the exact colour that matches the blend that I or my stylist has created. In these cases, I simply purchase the closest possible existing colour and take it with me back to my stylist. She then uses her expert eye to mix and blend her paints until she has made just the right hue for a perfect match.

I always consider what length of hair I’m most comfortable with, and what that length looks like once it’s been attached to my own, real hair. One time, I had extensions that simply didn’t look okay at the original length that I had bought them in. After I’d applied them initially, for one reason or another, they failed to blend well at all with the hair on my head. I got them trimmed with the utmost of caution (bearing in mind that hair extensions don’t grow back if they are accidentally cut shorter than intended!), and after that, they were bouncier, fuller, and blended like a dream into the hair on my head.

When it comes to your haircut and length, remember layers. I always have layers. Layers will disguise where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin.

Sometimes, after I’m done with the application of my hair extensions, I still have short hairs visible and need to disguise or hide them. In this case, if they’re right at the back, I twist them up and out of the way, and pin them to the nape of my neck.

The other thing you can do to disguise any short hairs that may be visible is to follow Kim Kardashian’s lead and braid them. Microbraid any shorter hairs around your face, tucking them securely out of sight, allowing the longer locks from your hair extensions to fall in front like a curtain, hiding them.