How To Choose High Quality Hair Extensions

How To Choose High Quality Hair Extensions

With so many hair extension brands these days, working out where to buy can be a daunting prospect. It can also be hard to know HOW to choose high quality hair extensions. 

At Medusa, you can be confident that all of our extensions are made using the finest quality, 100% Indian Remy, ethically sourced temple hair. 

What Does This Mean For You?

Indian hair is recognised as being very high quality hair that is highly regarded in the beauty industry. If you would like a natural wave style, then this is the hair for you. 

An important reason why Indian hair is very popular is that it doesn’t tangle, shed quickly or lose its natural wavy look.

With Remy hair, the cuticles are kept intact, which prevents tangling and prolongs the lifespan of your extensions, which is why we use Indian Remy human hair to make all of our extensions. 

Your Medusas can be washed, heat styled & coloured, and as long as they are well cared for according to instructions, they will stay looking beautiful and generally last longer than the recommended time frame.

How To Tell If Extensions Are Good Quality

Working out whether your new extensions are high quality can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know the brand. Many less expensive extensions are made of low quality hair that has been heavily treated and styled to mimic higher quality hair. But price is not always an accurate guide.

Our suggestion is to do your research before you buy. Hop on to websites and read all the FAQ. Ask the right questions. Find a Facebook page and look at reviews and comments from customers. This is all a great way of gauging the quality of the product and the trustworthiness of a brand.

Secondly, take a look at the hair after it has been washed for the first time (with recommended products). If the hair is still smooth and shiny when it dries, that’s a good indicator that the hair you have chosen is good quality. If it dries frizzy or fluffy, the hair is most likely lower quality floor hair (gathered from the floor), or blended hair that has been heavily treated.

We hope this has helped give you more confidence in choosing the right hair!

To learn more about Medusa, read our FAQ for advice & tips about how to choose which extensions you need, how to apply and remove them and how to care for them HERE.