How To Create A Really Great High Fluffy Ponytail

How To Create A Really Great High Fluffy Ponytail

There are not that many other hairstyles in this world that can trump the effortlessly chic, timelessness, practicality, and versatility of a classic high pony. I love how it keeps my hair off my face when I’m working out, cools me down on steamy summer days, is quick and simple to throw together, and maybe best of all…. it just looks super cute.

As I have thin, fine hair, the main problem I have when I’m tying my hair back is the lack of volume on the crown of my head. If I’m not careful, my pony can end up looking too slicked-back, or just really dull and flat.

To combat this problem, I’ll talk you through the best techniques I’ve found to make your hair nice and fluffy on top of your head. This will create a really pretty, perky, high pony that’s cool and modern, while at the same time framing your face beautifully.

What you’ll need:

  • A teasing comb
  • Some light-hold hairspray for volume and hold. You want the spray to be light hold as it needs to be flexible without being crunchy (for best results, otherwise, make do with what you have).
  • Dry shampoo for chalky gritty, texture at your roots, and added volume.
  • The right hair tie. This may seem a little silly but getting the right tie can potentially make or break a fliptastic pony. If your elastic is too flimsy it won’t hold up properly, and if it’s too small you’ll be struggling to twist it around more than twice. If you need to, use two little ones to create the right strength.
  • Take a section from the top of the crown of your head. Hold it up, spray some hairspray at the roots and then backcomb it to give it a little volume. Do this again all the way to the front of your hairline. Repeat on the sides of your hair on top of your ears.

Spray the front and sides of the roots with dry shampoo.

Pull your hair up into a pony on the top of your head. Pull on the back underneath your pony, then up on the sides, but leave the top as it is.

Hold the base of the pony with one hand and actually push it forward, then wrap the hair tie on.

Adjust your hair that’s sprouting out of the base of the pony by pulling it out with your hands either side. This will tighten the elastic even further, giving it a high ‘my-little-pony’ crest, and fluff up the hair on your crown even more.

Finish by adding some hairspray to the ponytail to keep it spiky and full all day and night long.