How To Curl Your Hair In Less Than 5 Minutes

How To Curl Your Hair In Less Than 5 Minutes

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I love big, fresh bouncy curls that tumble down my back and indulging at the hairdressers while she styles my hair properly is actually me living my absolute best life. When it comes to getting a similar look at home, you really want to be able to curl your hair in less than 5 minutes, otherwise some serious arm fatigue sets in.

I only style my hair into curls myself if I can do it quickly and easily, with the end result still passable. So far, these are the absolute quickest, and easiest ways I’ve discovered to get curly waves myself at home, fast and effectively, no actual hairdressing experience or qualifications required:

  1. Curl It In A Ponytail

This is perfect because beachy curls start halfway down your hair anyhow. Attach some clip in extensions for extra length and fullness then tie your hair up into a ponytail and separate it into a few sections. Curl each section, then take your hair out and finger comb your curls out.

  1. Flat Iron Plaits Or Curls

Create a few plaits around your head, spritz with heat protectant spray. After this, run your flat iron down the plait a couple of times. Undo your plaits and shake out your imperfect, beachy waves. Another variation of this is to separate your hair into sections and create one long twist, and flat iron that, for a slightly different shaped spirally result.

  1. Twist And Pin Slightly Damp Hair

In the morning, if you’ve got an hour or so while you’re getting ready, after towel drying your hair, twist it around, apply mousse, and pin it up into little buns on your head. Then after an hour or so let it down for bouncy ringlets.

See, it’s so easy. Save the trips to the hair salon for when you have something really special going on. You’ll enjoy the fuss and attention all that more!