How To Curl Your Hair Using A Flat Iron

How To Curl Your Hair Using A Flat Iron

With all of the styling tools available today, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones you really need, without spending all your hard-earned pay and ending up with a closet full of tools and products that you mostly won’t use. So, in the interests of saving you, our readers, time, money and clutter, we’re going to talk you through how to use a flat iron instead of a curling wand to curl your hair.

Spray on a heat protectant, or apply a heat protectant oil from the mid-shaft to the ends of dry hair. This will protect your tresses from any damage the hot tools may cause. Section the hair off, and clip away the remainder that you won’t be working with. If you have fine hair, apply some hairspray with a medium hold to the section now.

Take a piece of hair about an inch thick. Clamp the straightener on up close to the root (not too close!), then carefully flip the straightener away from your face. Turn it so that the strand of hair is curled around it once, or as much as you can, without creating too much friction.

Holding a gentle but firm grip of your mane in this position, slowly pull the flat iron away from your head, keeping it at the same angle, and gliding the wand all the way to the tip of the strand. If you see a little steam, don’t freak out, it just means that your heat protectant is working.

Alternate the direction of the way you flip the wand to create texture. Use your fingers to shape the curl, encouraging it into place, then allow it to cool.

At this point, if you want extra curly curls, bobby-pin the piece to your head to set while it cools. Once your waves have cooled, spritz on a texturizing spray to add even more texture. And there you have it… beautifully curled hair!

Photo credit – Emma Chen Artistry for Runway Scout

Model – Sophie Applegarth