How To Get A Salon Worthy Blowdry

How To Get A Salon Worthy Blowdry

Do you wish there was a way you could take your stylist home with you so that you could get your hair looking and feeling the way it does after a visit? Somehow a home wash and blow-dry never seem to turn out quite the way the pros do it. However, there are a few tips and tricks that if followed correctly, can have you well on your way to rocking close to salon-worthy hair.

Wash Your Locks

To start, make sure you are washing your hair correctly. Shampoo well, condition only the ends, and rinse your conditioner out thoroughly, as any residue that’s left behind can ruin your blowout. After washing, squeeze all the excess moisture out, then pat your hair gently with a shammy or terry towel.

Pick Your Product

Utilise styling products to get your hair looking the way you want. Dry hair loves leave-in conditioner, shine serum or natural balms and oils. For fine, limp hair, use a mousse or a thickening spray. Alternatively, there are heat protective sprays that provide volume and added gloss while protecting your locks as well. While your hair is still damp, apply product generously to every strand as evenly as possible.

Get Your Technique Down

When your hair is around 80% dry, after waiting for it to air dry, or giving it a quick blast, separate your hair into manageable sections, and clip the rest out of the way. Using a round boar-bristled brush, and with the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft, use your fingers to pull your hair out and away from your scalp, while you carefully work the dryer down from the roots to the tips, twirling the brush away from your face as you go.

Hate the smell of burning hair? Firmly attach the nozzle to your hairdryer, keeping some distance between your mane and the hot air blasts.

Finish The Job

For a final professional touch, mist your hair with a finishing spray. With the help of a good dry shampoo, you should be able to make your blowout last for days.

And there you have it!