How To Get BIG Hair

How To Get BIG Hair

There’s nothing that looks better on your head than gorgeously long, flowing voluminous hair… big hair! It’s sexy and feminine, and probably the best accessory you can get. While hair extensions are a fast and quick way to give you extra length and body, there are a few other styling tricks and tips that will help you get awesomely big hair so massive it will rival Solange’s afro.

Start with washing and towel drying your hair, then tip your head over and rough dry it from underneath. You want your head tipped forward and the hot air blasting from the roots to the tip, this will make it stand up off your head when you flip your head right up, giving it an instant boost. Think about it this way, to get it in an upwards direction, your hair needs to go up, blowing it downwards will send it in a downwards direction, it’s actually nothing more than a simply case of gravity!

Once your hair is eight-five per cent dry, flip your head right side up. You want it just that bit damp still as this is going to give it control for the next step.

Grab yourself a round boar bristle brush, which is the best brush to use as it’s specifically created to increase volume. Starting off and continuing in manageable sections about the size of the brush, focus on blow drying your hair in the opposite direction it naturally falls, and this is the key, this is what’s going to give it lift and volume. For example, grab a section of hair that falls straight down, and using your brush, blast it upwards, again, working against gravity to give it that effortless boost.

Finally, grab some hair spray, spritz a little on and finish drying, this will give it even more volume and some extra added hold so it stays big all day long!