How To Get Gigi Hadid’s Messy Bend Waves

How To Get Gigi Hadid’s Messy Bend Waves

We’re loving Gigi Hadid’s supermodel off-duty looking waves. They’re not quite curls, and not stick-straight; according to her stylist Laura Polko, they’re bends.

To get gorgeously ‘undone’ locks of your own just like Gigi’s, start off with freshly washed, air dried or blow-dried hair. If you need to, now is the time to apply your clip in extensions.

Holding the can about ten cm away, spray some dry shampoo onto the crown of your head, beneath a top layer of hair to hide any white marks.

To get a clean middle part, line a comb up with the centre of your nose, and use that spot as a starting point to draw a line that extends back from your forehead. Divide the hair into a top and bottom section and clip the top section up and away.

Begin by pointing a one-inch curling wand downwards, and looping a small section of your hair gently over it. Hold the curl in place for no longer than one second, and move it slightly up and down the strand of hair to create a relaxed, loose wave, leaving the ends out as you go. Let it out, let it go, and pull down on it from the ends to loosen the curl further. Once you’re done with the bottom section, mist with hairspray, then throw it behind your shoulders so you don’t mix the two sections up.

Undo the clip in your hair to let the top section down. Use your finger to extend the middle part so you can divide the hair into two sections on the right and left. Move the hair forward in front of your shoulders to keep it separate from the hair you’ve already worked on, and create more soft curls as you did with the bottom section. Around the front of your hairline, you want to direct the curl down and away from your face.

When you’re finished, pull all of your hair forward and shake it out with your hands. Pull it down from the ends for more of a wave and less of a curl.

To finish, roll pieces of hair falling down the sides of your face between your fingers to give it texture and roughen it up. For a final touch, spray dry shampoo at the crown of your head and scrunch it up vertically with your hands for extra height.

Watch Laura’s tutorial video below to learn how.