How To Get Ombre Hair Instantly Using Medusa Hair Extensions

How To Get Ombre Hair Instantly Using Medusa Hair Extensions

Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern emerge. One day I am happy doing all the right things to keep my hair looking great – regular treatments, cuts and colours etc. Then overnight, boredom strikes and I’m compelled to do something drastic, like chop it off or change it to a colour that’s pretty much the exact opposite. Not only is this a drastic, time consuming and expensive solution to my bored state but changing colour entirely in one hit also leaves my hair in a terrible state after the first wash due to the chemical processing that’s involved.

This is why I love the idea of using Medusa Hair Extensions to get a completely different look. With ombre extensions I can change up my style with minimal financial outlay. Whipping them in and out of my hair takes no time at all either, and my delicate tresses needn’t be put through any stress whatsoever.

Read ahead for some helpful tips on how best to use our extensions to get gorgeously striking ombre hair for a day or more:

If your hair isn’t already ombre, simply pick the colour that matches the same shade of your own hair colour at the roots, and at a length that changes into the next colour below where your natural hair ends.

You’ll want to make sure that you get a good thickness so the ends don’t look too thin, which is an easy giveaway that it’s not your natural hair colour, so choose a good weight that won’t allow for anyone to tell the difference.

Lily Aldrige ombre hair

If you style your locks by adding in some curls, this will help to disguise where your hair ends and the extensions begin, blending them together for a seamless finish.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect colour, try a root touch up spray, or dyeing your extensions yourself or getting your stylist to dye them. Don’t forget, you can always order a custom made set from us too.