How To Get Soft Twisty Waves

How To Get Soft Twisty Waves

The following methods are, we believe, the best ways we have found to get lovely imperfect waves, using nothing more than your beloved hairdryer and your hands (or a round brush). Both might take a little practice at first, but the results are well worth it! 

Method #1

Twisty Waves Using A Brush & Blowdryer

Method #2

Twisty Waves Using Just Your Hands & Blowdryer


Step 1: After washing your hair, as usual, use your hairdryer to dry the few inches by your scalp. 

Step 2: Once the roots of your hair are dry, and the rest of your hair is about 85% dry, twist a section of hair away from your face with your free hand, and blast with the hairdryer. Keep twisting it around, back and forth with your fingers for a few minutes with the hairdryer, until it appears to keep its shape.  

Step 3: Keep twisting and drying the rest of your hair in sections like this until you have your whole hair done. About four twists on each side of the head is the right amount.  

Step 4: Go back over your whole head with the dryer until you can feel that each of the twists is dry inside.  

Step 5: Let the twists cool naturally until completely dry, or use the cool setting on your dryer to allow the curl to set as much as possible before going on to the next step.  

Step 6: Separate the curls with your fingers and use a wave spray to keep the curls in place. Applying spray wax on the ends will prevent frizz.  

The bigger the chunks of hair you twist, the looser the waves will be, so experiment with different twist sizes to see what results you get.  


Image Credit | Mister Zimi – Hair & Makeup by Luciana Rose