How To Go From Brown To Blonde

How To Go From Brown To Blonde

Khloe K and Kylie J’s recent stunning transitions from dark to light blonde had us all wondering the same thing… if they did it, can we? The answer is yes! Anyone can – as long as they do their research beforehand.

Here are a few things to consider before booking that salon appointment:

Is your hair healthy enough: colouring damaged hair isn’t just about adding to the damage that’s already there; it can affect the way the dye takes hold of your hair and change the end result. If your hair isn’t in tip top condition, to begin with, make sure you discuss all possible colouring options with your stylist. You want to ensure that you minimise risking any further unnecessary stress to your locks.

Ensure you get the right shade: to compliment your natural features such as your eye colour, original hair colour, and skin tone. This should all be taken into account when considering whether to go with, for example, warm, honeyed blonde highlights, or, a light and ashy all-over full head of colour.

Consider the cost: depending on how dark your hair is, to begin with, and how light you would like the end result to be, you could be looking at multiple salon visits. Add to that root touch ups, haircuts and conditioning masks that are essential for hair that’s been treated with lightening products, and you might want to think about the options of going balayage in your hair (hand painted streaks), ombre (transitioning from dark to lighter ends), or sombre (a subtle version of ombre), to cut down on the time and money associated with maintenance.

Find the right person for the job: if you don’t already have a hairdresser that you know and trust, find the person whose blonde locks you admire the most, and grab the number of theirs.

Header Image Source – Cosmopolitan