How To Have Vibrant And Longer Lasting Hair Colour

How To Have Vibrant And Longer Lasting Hair Colour

It can be sooo frustrating when you’ve spent a fair amount of time, effort, and cash on your hair to ensure it looks as gorgeous as possible, only for your colour to continue to look, well, less than fantastic. Sometimes it’s just one or two things you need to do differently to have vibrant and longer lasting hair colour. 

Choose Your Products Carefully

First things first, check that you’re using the right products. Don’t choose the one that promises to give you Kim K’s glossy brunette locks overnight but you’re a curly redhaired gal.  Maybe you need to go for a different range that’s more closely suited to your needs.  

Choose shampoos that are free of sulfatesSulfates will open up the cuticle layer of your hair, washing away hair colour in the process. If you keep your cuticles closed, it’ll keep your colour in.  

Filter The Minerals

The hard water that comes out of your showerhead could be drying your locks and draining your hair of its colour. Minerals that come from tap water can be harsh and strip your hair of its oils and colour, creating a film that leaves blondes with a greenish hue, and redheads and brunettes looking dull and lacklustre. Use a water filter on your showerhead to eliminate this problem.  

Wash Less Often

The more you wash your hair, the more the colour slides off, not to mention the heat damage from the hot water and the ensuing blasts of hot air from your hairdryer. Save your hair, and time as well, by utilizing the wonders of dry shampoo for oily roots instead.