How To Hide Your Hair Extensions When Styling

How To Hide Your Hair Extensions When Styling

Like a spray tan, hair extensions are something we don’t want the world to know about. A couple of highly visible clips can spoil the look of a messy top knot, as quickly as a nasty brown streak on the back of your leg will ruin a casual outfit! The key is to know how to apply your clip-in extensions properly so you don’t ever get it wrong. Scroll down for our ‘How-to’ video.

But before you do, here are some 0f the common mistakes to avoid…

Mistake #1 – Using Too Many Wefts

When it comes to deciding how much hair to use, the answer may not be ‘all of it’. Depending on how you are planning to style your hair, or whether your hair is quite fine, you may only need two to four wefts to add enough volume. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to use everything every time.

Mistake #2 – Starting Off Too High Up

It’s best to start at ear level. Use the fine handle of a comb to section off the top part of your hair by drawing a line around the back from ear to ear. (If your hair is particularly fine, it’s better to start even lower down). Be sure to secure a larger weft to the centre back of your head first, then add smaller wefts to each side. This will ensure your hair is well balanced.

Mistake #3 – Nothing To Grip Onto

Without anything to grip onto, your clips will slip and become visible. You can avoid this problem by spraying your roots with hairspray or by using a volumising shampoo. The other alternative is to gently tease your roots, right above where you’re planning to clip.

Mistake #4 – Applying Clip-Ins To Silky Clean Hair

Your clip-ins will attach more securely to second-day hair, so if you have an event coming up, keep this in mind. An embarrassing slip on an important day, or when there’s a photographer around to immortalise the moment is not ideal!

Avoiding these few mistakes should keep you out of the wrong kind of limelight!