How To Keep Your Hair Extensions Tangle Free

How To Keep Your Hair Extensions Tangle Free

Hair extensions add beautiful length and volume to your hair in an instant and look fantastic when they’re shiny, healthy, and in tip-top condition. However, as they’re made of real human hair that has been cut off from the natural source of vitamins and minerals they would normally receive from your body, they will be prone to dryness and will tangle more easily than the hair on your head. 

Take Precautions

In order to maintain gorgeous tangle free hair extensions and stop them from becoming a horrible knotty mess, it’s important to take the proper precautions and look after them carefully.  

Brush Often

The number one thing to remember is to brush your hair often to minimize any chance of knotting and irreparable matting. Brush your hair in the morning and at night, and if you’re wearing clip-ins, before you put them in, and after you take them out. Use a natural bristle brush or one that’s designed primarily for detangling hair extensions if you can, and brush them slowly and with care, to minimise breakage.  

Opt For Quality Products

Hair extensions need extra special care when it comes to maintenance as it’s essentially dead, chemically treated hair. Be sure to use the right shampoo and conditioners that are designed specifically to nourish and moisturise the heat-treated remy cuticles to keep your extensions as softsilky and smooth as you can.  

We sell shampoo that is oil-free and contains no sodium Laureth sulphate, which will help extend the life of the remis hair (cuticle direction) and your hair extensions without weight or build-up. It’s enriched with Australian aloe verahydrolysed silk protein, and hydrolysed wheat protein. It will strengthen and protect your hair extensions while gently cleansing to maintain the hair and scalps optimum pH level. 

Our conditioner is also tailor-made for hair extension hair. Enriched with real amino acids, extracts of chamomile and vitamin e, it will add weightless moisture to the hair while adding smoothness to the surface as well as eliminate frizz and fly-away. 

In order to ensure tangle free hair extensions, you can buy both of those items and more from our website