How To Make Straight Hair Hold Curl

How To Make Straight Hair Hold Curl

You’ve gone to a fair bit of trouble and care to create the most beautiful wavy curls of your life. In fact, they’re exactly the right kind of bounce and shape you were going for. Stoked! Now, cut to three hours later where they’ve virtually disappeared. Your hair has fallen flat again, with not as much as a stray ringlet in sight.  

Sound familiar?  

How to make straight hair hold curl – fortunately, there are solutions. Have a read of the following suggestions on how to prevent this from happening, and see if you can implement any – or all – of these techniques. They will help your hair hold the shape of its curl all day and night long! 


Styling clay. If you’ve never worked with this stuff before, it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s a heavier holding cream than mousse, the idea being that as you smooth some on the curl while it sets, it will keep its shape for longer. Be wary of using too much and weighing down your curl, a little goes a long way with this product.  


Don’t over condition your tresses. If you pile on too much conditioner or use one that’s too heavy for your hair type, it will drag your hair down leaving it limp and lifeless. Use a good quality one on the lighter end of the spectrum, and smooth it only on the ends, never the roots.  


Don’t wash your hair the day you’re planning to curl it. Freshly washed hair is gorgeously soft and silky… almost too soft and silky to hold a curl properly. The oils in your roots from second day hair will help give your hair a gritty texture that will in turn keep the shape of a curl a lot better.  


Use a smaller curling iron. No matter what you do, your curls will relax as the day goes on, so it stands to reason to start off with a tighter curl, to begin with.