How To Make Your Curls Stay

How To Make Your Curls Stay

If you’ve got long locks, chances are you have struggled with achieving curls that stay put and don’t drop out after five minutes. Achieving kinky curls, textured curls, beachy waves or super polished waves that stay put can be very frustrating. When you’ve put time, effort, and love into curling your hair to get just the right amount of wave and bounce, only to have it fall flat an hour or so later. Achieving flawless curls that last into the night doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible, it’s just a matter of knowing how to make your curls stay.

Less Than Fresh Is Best

Intensely hydrating conditioning products aren’t a great idea to use right before curling your hair, as they tend to weigh them down. Use a light conditioner if you can, and save the deeper treatment for another time. If possible, start with second-day hair. The natural oils produced in your hair are wonderful for helping your curls hold their shape, and you can always utilise dry shampoo as needed for less-than-fresh roots.

Protect Your Assets

Start with a good prepping product before blow-drying to protect your mane and set your curls. Curling cream, spray wax, styling mousse, and curl setting spray will all work wonders for holding the shape of your curls. Applying a lightweight product before blow drying is the best way to keep your tresses looking natural, as piling on creams or sprays afterwards can end up with a stiff and crunchy ending. A setting spray will also often contain heat protection to help shield your locks from the harsh effects of your dryer and curling tools. In lieu of setting spray, mist on some hair spray.

Splash Out On Good Tools

Invest in a good heating tool: the new ceramic or tourmaline tools administer consistent heat without burning your hair.

Be patient, take your time. Pin each curl to your head when it’s done and wait for it to cool completely. Mist with hairspray, undo the pins and rake through with your fingers to separate your beautiful, long-lasting curls.