How To Make Your Own Hot Oil Treatment

How To Make Your Own Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment applied to your hair at least once a month can take your tresses from dry and brittle to gorgeously soft and silky with ease. It’s a great way to help regulate and balance the natural oils produced by your scalp, give your locks a deeply nourishing conditioning treatment, and control frizziness. It will also help restore follicles damaged from over-processing, and exposure to harsh chemical treatments such as bleaching.

The market is flooded with hot oil treatments you can buy over the counter. A lot of them contain chemically based ingredients with names so long they’re impossible to pronounce. Save your hard-earned cash, and make your own rejuvenating natural hot oil hair treatment at home, by using these few simple, pure ingredients instead:

Coconut oil: contains properties that will assist in softening your hair, adding shine, strength and moisture, and help prevent dandruff.

Olive oil: will smooth frizziness and split ends as well as improve softness, moisture, shine, and general manageability:

Lavender oil and geranium oil: will also help soften and strengthen hair, as well as creating a pleasant scent that will help you relax during your beauty treatment.

Step 1: Place two tablespoons of coconut oil and olive oil, plus six drops of geranium oil and lavender oil into a glass jar or ceramic mug.

Step 2: Place this into a pot or pan of boiling water on the stove, creating a hot water bath to melt the oils together and heat them up.

Step 3: Wait until the oil is warmed up (but not hot!): now it’s ready to use. Slowly pour the oil onto your head and massage into your scalp, working all the way through the ends to lightly coat your hair.

Step 4: Wrap in cling wrap and let it sit for thirty minutes or overnight.

Step 5: Wash and condition as usual, and enjoy your beautifully fresh locks which will now also be extra soft, strong, and silky!