How To Nail ‘Undone Bends’ Every Time

How To Nail ‘Undone Bends’ Every Time

One of my favourite easiest go-to looks of the moment, and the one that always gets me the most compliments are my ‘undone’ bends. They’re low maintenance, easy to achieve, and end up with a city-girl cool meets laid-back beach-vibe all mixed up into one perfectly blended hairstyle that looks fantastic for just about any occasion.  

Undone Bends Rule

With the recent trend towards less formally structured, more natural-looking hairstyles such as air-dried hair, and with stylists embracing natural curls and texture, the popularity of these bendy waves isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s just as well because they look stunning and suit almost every woman’s face shape and most hair-cuts too. 

 Don’t forget to add a set of your favourite Medusa extensions to give your bendy wavy mane even more effortless body and length.  

Preparation Is Everything

Start off by washing your hair with a really good shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically designed for your hair type. After thoroughly rinsing out your conditioner, if you have time, let your hair air dry until it’s about eighty per cent dry. When you blow-dry, add in some gentle curls with your brush as you go. You want a bit of a wavy texture in your hair already when you get started.  


Video Credit –  Harpers BAZAAR

Leave The Ends Straight

Use a curling iron to create subtle, bendy waves, and use your fingers to break up the waves to give them a second-day look, rather than a structured, formal curl. Leave the ends straight for a modern, natural finish.  

For the final touch, spray your roots with dry shampoo to give them a messy, bed head lift, and then spray the ends for a piece-looking finish.