How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions

How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions

It is possible to safely remove your tape hair extensions yourself at home if done correctly and with care.

Start by sectioning off a piece of hair to work with at the nape of your neck. Do this by tying the rest of your hair up and out of the way. Then, locate where the hair extension is taped to your actual hair.

Next, apply a generous amount of tape hair remover (you can purchase some from us on our site HERE). Make sure you use enough so that when you begin tugging on the hair extension (gently!) it slides out without much resistance.

After you’ve pulled the last section of hair out, in order to eliminate any tape residue that might still be left in your hair, wash your mane with cold water. Hot water might melt any remaining tape residue, potentially melting it onto your hair, and making it harder to remove. Wash a few times, working up a good lather to ensure that all traces of tape are thoroughly removed, then run a comb through from top to bottom, in case there are any sneaky bits still left behind that need to be pulled out.

If still in doubt, Kirstie Roche shows us how easy it really is in this video below!