How To Rock Fabulous Beach Hair While At The Beach!

How To Rock Fabulous Beach Hair While At The Beach!

Spring is here and after that… drum roll… Summer!!! At last! Think long lazy weekends on the beach sipping Mai Tais or rocking out to Bob Marley tunes by the pool with your besties. At the beach you’ll wander to the edge of the ocean and dip your toes in the cool salty water. Then … scurry back to your towel and sit safely on dry land with your hat on. Sensibly. Longingly.

At your party you smile and nod politely at the fun and festivities going on in the pool, motioning that you prefer dry land, then hang your head morosely and go off to refill your drink, sulking… wait… WHAT? Are you scared of sun, salt water and chlorine because you’re wearing hair extensions? Thinking you need to choose between lying on the sand with gorgeous hair or swimming? Worried that you will ruin your hair extensions or (worse!) that they will fall out in front of your new squeeze (cringe)?

Then this is written just for you! Read on to find out how you can keep your hair extensions in tip top shape whilst showing off your butterfly skills in the water too!! In fact, you can swim in the ocean or your pool for up to 2 hours without risking any significant damage to your hair extensions.

You can wear your microring hair extensions in the ocean or the pool as long as you rinse them thoroughly before and after your swim to protect the bond inside the microrings. Ponytails are not recommended as that will increase the likelihood of impossible tangles and lead to weaker brittle hair. Braiding or a low bun is the best way to keep the hair secure from the elements.

With tape hair extensions, be aware that oils and sunscreen need to be kept away from the hairline as it will weaken the contact between the tape and skin and increase the likelihood of your hair extensions slipping off in the water. Clip in hair extensions are also a more practical alternative as you can take them out and put them back in after your swim; they never need to touch the chlorine or saltwater. Medusa offers a number of hair extension tools to make this transition quick and easy.

If you’re not worried about impressing or there is no one around, consider a swimming cap to save your locks the trouble.

Also be mindful that if you have been soaking up some rays post swim to be sure to wait for your hair to cool off before brushing it. Brushing it during heat will snap it off. Finally, don’t forget to give it a good wash and some extra nourishing hydrating conditioner, such as our X-Ten Conditioner, to bring it back to life.

Now you have no excuse but to get your best tressed and get out there and play in the sand, surf and sunshine!!