Instagram’s 30 Best Looks From Splendour 2018

Instagram’s 30 Best Looks From Splendour 2018

In case you suddenly decided to undergo a complete digital detox and were hibernating under a rock this last week, there’s no way you could have escaped the FOMO brought on by scrolling through the Splendour in the Grass hashtag.

Every year in the absolute middle of winter, 35,000 of Australia’s most committed live music lovers converge on Byron Bay in all their sparkly, underdressed glory and party themselves silly for three whole days. ‘Splendour’ is our answer to Glastonbury, just in the middle of winter instead. Actually, who thought that was a good idea?? Regardless, we Aussies are a tough bunch and the icy nighttime temperatures this year did nothing to frighten off the festival fashion spirits or encourage people to nana-up and stay warm.

Fashion, hair and makeup this year was focussed around the theme of COLOUR. Yep, it was a balancing act between layering on as much colour as you could slap together while still managing to stay semi-naked. No particular colour combinations, just all of the colours of the rainbow.

Space buns were less of a thing this year, but we saw plenty of plait action, super long manes splashed with streaks of colour, coloured wigs, pastel pink, hot pink, icy blue, mermaid tresses and outrageous headpieces (think festival kween Annalise McLachlan for Spell & The Gypsy Collective).

All up, Splendour 2018 was the usual raging explosion of colourful self-expression and we’ll definitely be back to party again next year!

Annalise McLachlan photographed by Mel Carrero for Spell & The Gypsy Collective