Laid Back Hairstyles For Travel

Laid Back Hairstyles For Travel

I remember being in transit for over two days one time when I was heading from Australia to Europe via a complicated route. By the time I arrived, after all of the sleeping in weird positions, hanging out in over-airconditioned airport waiting rooms and airplanes, and running my fingers through my mop while I was trying to figure out where the next gate I needed to get to was, my hair was a limp, greasy mess.

I swore I would never let that happen again, and since then, thanks to a little preparation, after every flight, I can now arrive at my destination looking pretty fresh!The first trick to keeping my hair looking great while I travel is to keep dry shampoo on me at all times. The second thing I’ve done is to learn and perfect a couple of really easy, practical, comfortable-yet-cute hairstyles. The kind that won’t hurt my head whilst being smushed on the back of an airplane headrest for ten hours but will still look ok afterwards.

Here are my go-to hairstyles for travelling that are super comfortable, keep my hair off my face, and are guaranteed to stay cute no matter which direction you’re headed.

High messy topknot:
Start by dry shampooing your roots. Grab your hair and pile it up on top of your head into a pony with your hands. Then take a hair tie and tie it around twice, creating a bun as you go, and tucking in the tail at the end. Super comfy, this style will hold well and will look fine if it’s a little messy… perfect for travelling!

Half up fishtail braid:
Grab a section of hair about three centimetres thick from above your ear and fishtail braid it all the way down. Repeat on the other side. Join the two together at the back of your head with a few bobby pins so it’s really secure, then turn the leftover parts of the two braids that are hanging down into a single fishtail down the back of your head

Blog feature image – Emma Chen