Lazy Girl’s Guide To Great Hair

Lazy Girl’s Guide To Great Hair

Love having gorgeously healthy and styled hair, but hate spending hours trying to achieve this? You’re not alone. Follow these tips and tricks for delicious-looking hair in next to no time. 

Hair extensions will give you beautiful long, thick tresses, with little effort required. From clip-in to tape hair extensions, we have a variety of hair lengths and colour to suit everybody. 


Air-dried, naturally textured hair is on-trend right now. Use the product that matches your hair type. If your hair is naturally wavy, roughly towel dry, and mist with salt spray for a beachy effect. For curly hair, smooth on hair serum for tight, glossy springs. If your locks are straight, comb natural oils through for a sleek and shiny finish.  

Disguise unwashed hair with products like volumizer, sea salt spray, and dry shampoo for greasy roots.  


If you wear your hair up, use a hair clip instead of a tie to prevent kinks.  

If you wash your hair at night, blow dry it upside down and snooze with your strands wrapped loosely in a high bun. In the morning, it’ll be fresh and voluminous, and you’ll have more time to sleep in.  

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Get an easy-going haircut. Save yourself time and money just from your style. Ask your hairdresser to give you a cut that’s low maintenance. Consider some hairstyles, like those with a fringe, will need to be trimmed more often than long, shaggy layers. 

Get a mix of balayage and babylights. They’re fresh for every season and will look fine while growing out.