Mistakes You’re Making With Your Hair Extensions

Mistakes You’re Making With Your Hair Extensions

You invest time, money and effort into your hair extensions, so you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. Makes sense, right? We couldn’t agree more! It would be a terrible shame to mistreat your hair extensions due to a lack of knowledge, so we thought we’d go over some basics of hair extension care, just in case you’ve missed anything.

Mistake 1: Not using the proper products. Here at Medusa, we supply all the hair extension tools and hair-care products you need to keep your human hair extensions in tip-top condition for as long as possible, so there’s no excuse for you to be exposing your tresses to anything less than the best available hair-care we have.

Mistake 2: Using the right tools but in the wrong way. Just because you’ve got the highest quality hair straightener on the market, doesn’t mean you can abuse it. When using your hair dryer, keep it on a low setting. Blow dry, straighten and curl your hair sparingly, and always, always, use a heat protecting serum before exposing your hair to any form of heat treatment.

Mistake 3: Using products that shouldn’t be used at all. Dying your hair extensions with permanent hair colour, spraying on hair spray, or using dry shampoo, are all definite no-nos for your Remy hair extensions. Remember, your hair extensions aren’t connected to a human scalp anymore; the only replenishing nutrients they receive are those that you are applying directly to them, so you need to avoid anything particularly harsh and damaging.

Mistake 4: You’re brushing your hair extensions while they are wet. Wet hair is weak hair, it’s extra susceptible to breakage, so brushing while wet will snap it off, no matter how careful you are. So don’t do it.