Nervous About Buying Hair Extensions Online?

Nervous About Buying Hair Extensions Online?

Buying hair extensions online can be a scary prospect, especially if you haven’t had the opportunity to buy direct before and check out the quality first hand, but there is a reason most of us prefer buying online – convenience!

We want you to feel confident about buying Medusa Hair Extensions, so we’ve put together a little homework checklist and included all the different ways you can get the information you’ll need in order to feel confident about hitting that ‘order’ button…

  1. Visit our website and read through the testimonials from customers who have shopped online with us in the past.

Grab a coffee because this next one might take a hot minute!

  1. Scroll to the bottom of our Welcome page and take a tour through ‘Customer Care’ and ‘Shop’ sections.

We’ve included just about everything we could think of there, but we’re still not done there’s more….

  1. Jump over to Medusa’s Facebook page and read through all the comments to hear what other people have to say about our products, quality and service. This is always our first go-to when we want to get a fairly uncensored feel for a brand’s trustworthiness especially when we’re online shopping ourselves.
  1. If you’re still feeling a little nervous, hop onto Messenger chat (the little box that pops up on the bottom right-hand side on our website) and hit us up with anything you’re unsure about and we’ll be in touch as quickly as we can (usually within the hour). We’re really nice and super helpful…promise!!

We’ve included a few testimonials below just to get you started. Happy shopping!!

Buying extensions online is truly scary and extremely difficult. This is the first time I have ever bought extensions and I am extremely happy with the quality and quantity I received (40 pieces/100g). I ordered these a few weeks before my wedding and they were shipped to me in a very speedy fashion. The girl who I corresponded with over email about colour selection was helpful and very nice. The quality is great. I have had them in for the past 5 weeks and they are still soft to the touch and don’t tangle easily (I use Argan oil on them to help with this). They haven’t really shed at all and they are thick all the way to the bottom (unlike other brands I have looked at which the bottoms are so thinned out). Either way, they are a great quality and well worth the price. I definitely will be purchasing my next batch from them.


Alberta Canada

Great service, nice, quick and cheap! Wouldn’t go any where else 🙂 xxx


WA Australia


I have tried many different tape hair extensions and have had problems including poor quality hair, tapes not sticking, tapes too big and hard to hide in fine hair. These are my first Medusa tape hair extensions and I am extremely happy with them. The hair is lovely and soft, the tapes actually stick together, and the tapes are very lightweight and narrower than some I have used in the past, making them undetectable in my fine hair. Also very happy with the price, thank you Medusa, I will certainly be buying from you again.


Queensland, Australia


These hair extensions are so easy to use, with the inbuilt combs it`s as easy as sectioning off my hair and clipping them in, within 5 minutes I have instant long hair. I can curl them or wear them straight, I just love them and tell all my friends about them.


Victoria Australia