Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair

Kim K-W stepped out to attend the 2015 Balmain show in Paris during fashion week with icy-white, slicked-back locks. Since then the trend for platinum blonde hair has seen no signs of fading away. Karlie Kloss transformed from her usual sandy blonde into a glowing platinum mane in 2018, turning heads during scheduled appearances.

An honourable mention also has to go to one woman who has practically trademarked the white-hot colour as their own – Gwen Stefani. Her constant arctic shade of platinum is an enduring part of her signature look, so much so that we can’t even recall her natural hair colour. That’s commitment!

Platinum blonde is a bold statement and if you are considering going platinum, be sure to arm yourself with the right information before going ahead. That way you can avoid potential disasters and make the best possible choice for your everyday needs.

Here are some important points to consider before you take the leap:


If your hair is already coloured, it will need to be stripped. If your hair has been permanently dyed, it is probably best to ask your hairdresser to tackle this step. Alternatively, if your hair has been semi-permanently coloured, you can purchase a product like Loreal’s Colorista Haircolor Remover to strip the colour out.

It could take several sessions to get it to the desired shade unless your hair is already blonde to begin with, so you’ll need to plan for this and practice a little patience too! Ideally, your hair should be untouched by any other colour treatments for at least three months before you start the journey to the light side.


Make sure you have some inspiration images to show your hairdresser. The platinum blonde you have in your head and the image you convey to your hairdresser may be quite different. To avoid disappointment, show your colourist the hair colour you’re hoping for. This way he/she will be able to give you realistic advice about what to expect at the different stages and whether the icy blonde you’re hoping for is in fact doable.


Not going to lie, this a high maintenance shade that will require lots of TLC to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. You can expect to make regular visits to your hairdresser every four weeks or so for regrowth touch-ups. This can be time-consuming and costly.

By bleaching your locks, you’re essentially burning them, so you’ll want to keep them as hydrated as possible before and after colouring. Soothing, restorative products such as hair masks, and specially formulated oils, will help to keep your hair silky-smooth. A top-quality toning shampoo will help eliminate any yellowish colour and a good conditioner formulated especially for blonde, colour-treated hair, will soften and repair any damage remaining from harsh chemical exposure.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still excited for a platinum experience, good luck!

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