Ponytail Love

Ponytail Love

All hail the coveted ponytail! We have decided here at Medusa this week to dedicate one post solely to praising this iconic, versatile, ever-evolving, and, dare we say it, a staple of our time, hairstyle.

Just because.

Well, just because we love it. Where would we be today without it? We wouldn’t be able to see a thing during yoga or barre that’s for sure. And of course, it’s a lifesaver when we’re stressed out and rushed for time… whip it up, scrunch, stretch a hair tie around it, and call it your messy-on-purpose do!

Other reasons to love the ponytail include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Because when it’s hot you can actually feel air on your neck rather than a trickle of sweat.
  • Because it’s easy: minimal fuss and time required.
  • Because it allows for your whole face to be seen.
  • Because it’s practical.
  • Because even if you have been snowed under with work, away from civilisation or busy with other things – you cannot go wrong. The Ponytail is timeless, and it always looks stylish because it’s always in fashion, no matter what the decade.
  • Because of all the different ways it can be worn, depending on what vibe you want to give out: for example; up high for fun, low down for romance, or plaited for a twist.
  • Because with the extensive selection of colour, length, and style, of human hair extensions that we sell here at Medusa, including the clip-on ponytail, it’s never been easier to get that fun, luscious long tail that’s got all the potential for whipping back and forth as much as you can handle!

Embrace the pony! Feel free to add any additional reasons that we’ve left out in the comments section below.