Can I Use Coconut Oil to Remove Tape Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions can be a great way to add length and volume to your hair, but when it comes to removing them, it's important to be gentle and careful to avoid damaging your natural hair. There are many methods for removing tape-in hair extensions, but not all of them are equally effective or safe. In this post, we'll discuss the best way to remove tape-in hair extensions and answer the age-old question about whether coconut oil works.

The best way to remove tape-in hair extensions is to use a specially-formulated adhesive remover. These products are designed to dissolve the bond between the tape and your hair without damaging either one. You can find these products online or at a beauty supply store. 

Step-by-step method of removing your tape hair extensions. 

Here's how to remove hair tapes using adhesive remover:

  1. Begin by applying a small amount of the adhesive remover to the area where the tape is attached to your hair. Be careful not to get it on the rest of your hair.
  2. Use a rat-tail comb or other pointed tool to gently lift the edge of the tape. Continue to work the adhesive remover into the bond, using the comb to lift the tape as you go.
  3. Once the tape has been loosened, gently pull it away from your scalp. If it doesn't come off easily, apply more adhesive remover and repeat the process.
  4. After all of the tapes have been removed, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue left behind by the adhesive remover.

Can I use Coconut Oil to remove my tape hair extensions?

Now, let's talk about coconut oil. While coconut oil is often recommended as a natural way to remove tape-in hair extensions, apparently, it's not the best choice. Coconut oil is great for moisturising and conditioning human hair, but regular advice tells us that it's not strong enough to dissolve the bond between the tape and your natural hair. 

We're going to get a bit controversial right now!

If you're a professional reading this, look away right now. 😂 When we experimented with Medusa tape hair, we actually found that coconut oil was a very effective method for removing Medusa Tape Hair Extensions. The oil helped to loosen the adhesive, allowing the tapes to slide out smoothly with minimal effort. Unlike some other methods, using coconut oil didn't seem to leave blobs of glue throughout the hair, making the removal process much easier and less messy. There's nothing worse than trying to comb out small blobs of residual glue! So while we do recommend using a good, specially-formulated adhesive remover for best results, coconut oil can be a good alternative option for those who prefer a more natural approach to hair care and especially on our hair. Conditioner can also be used if you're in a fix and don't have access to adhesive remover, but we found that coconut oil gave much better results.

And now, here's how to remove your tape hair extensions when you don't have adhesive remover on hand:

Controlled experimenting is ok.

Bear in mind that your hairdresser or stylist will always know best, so have a chat with them first if unsure. Follow the steps outlined at the top for a safe and effective removal process but feel free to experiment with coconut oil as well and let us know which you prefer. 

By Sass G  🌸

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