Remy Hair

Remy Hair

If you’ve heard the term ‘remy hair’ bandied about while you’ve been researching hair extensions and have a vague idea that it’s a preferred option but you’re not sure what it is, hopefully, the following information will help explain the basics for you…

Imagine you take somebody’s ponytail and chop it off, and that’s what gets made into your hair extensions. That’s basically it, that’s Remy hair. The reason it lasts for so long and looks so good is that it’s all been taken from the one person’s head, and all the cuticles are intact and running the same direction.

If the hair is non-Remy, it has no cuticle left. Non-Remy hair will have been collected from fallen hairs on the floors of hairdressers or people’s houses and gathered together with the end result being the cuticle running in all different directions. In order to get the hair looking smooth and silky, the cuticle will then be stripped using a harsh chemical process, and then coated in silicone. The hair will look fine when you buy it, but after a few washes the silicone layer that was giving it its shine will wear off, it’ll start to become coarse and tangled, and eventually, it’ll be pretty much unwearable.

Some manufacturers are even mixing Remy hair with non-Remy hair to save costs! A hairdresser’s expert eye will be able to tell the difference, but anybody else wouldn’t know until after they’ve started shampooing their extensions, and the hair will start matting together and drying out very quickly.

Basically, you get what you pay for, so look out for cheap hair extensions as it probably means it’s low-quality hair.

Here at Medusa we only sell 100% Remy human hair, and if taken proper care of, you can enjoy having long, silky, luscious locks that will last you for months on end