Saturday Night Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Saturday Night Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions provide such oh-so-stunningly-beautiful long luscious locks, they’ll instantly up your Saturday night outfit by giving you an advantage so unfair it should be a crime.

To make the most of your endless flowing tresses try one of these head-turning hairstyles while you’re out and about this weekend:

At The Club

The wet look:

Wash your hair and squeeze it dry instead of using a towel. Apply your clip-ins if you need to at this point and spray them with a water bottle to saturate them until they’re as wet as the rest of your hair. Coat the ends with hair serum or coconut oil. Now cover your hair with gel, and smooth in some leave in conditioner (to prevent the hair stiffening into a helmet). Run a wide tooth comb through to the ends to distribute the product evenly and then tuck your hair behind your ears.

Dinner Date

Long, sleek, and pin straight:

Wash your hair and wait till it’s around 80 per cent dry. Divide it into four sections and blow dry it straight, starting with the bottom sections first. Ensuring your hair is completely dry first (you’ll sizzle wet hair with your straightener), divide your hair into sections again. Take a section, brush it out, spray it with a heat protectant, run your flat iron down the length of hair, then run a hairbrush down the section and run the flat iron down again, all the way to the ends. Smooth on Argan oil to finish.

Tip: straighten your hair extension clip ins before you apply them to your head. It’s much easier and you’ll do a better job.

Cocktails With The Girls:

Curly, beachy tresses with a mini side plait:

Apply your clip-ins if you need to beforehand. Pin your hair back so you can freely work with it in sections. Create some random, loose curls with your curling tongs, stopping before you get to the ends for a natural looking finish. Apply some mousse to add definition to the curls, then take one section of hair from the front and plait it down to the side, framing the front of your face.