Sexy Bed Hair

Sexy Bed Hair

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It’s that tousled, sexy, I-just-woke-up-like-this look that Kate Moss is famous for. Bed-head hair is always a favourite with us chicky-babes, so we’re going to talk about the easiest ways to achieve this effortless-looking look, which can sometimes be not-so-effortless to create.

Firstly, you’ll need clean hair to begin with. It doesn’t have to be perfectly dried (air-dried or a quick blow-dry is fine), but if it’s 2-day old unwashed hair, soak up any excess oil at your roots with dry shampoo.

Next, spray some salt-spray through your hair and set it with a (no fuss) blow-dry. At this point, if you’re wearing clip-in hair extensions, apply them now before styling the rest of your hair.

Separate your hair into thick strands and curl them in alternating directions to create soft waves. Now to flatten the waves out a little, use your flat-iron to get deeper bends in the curls and smooth out some of the waves. This will make it look more natural. Use the flat-iron again here to straighten out the ends.

Run your fingers through the curls to help you to see if there’s enough bounce there. If not, go back over with your hair tools and add more waves and kinks as needed.

Grab the ends of your hair and twist strands of it back and forth, until it’s almost stuck together like it would be if you just woke up.

Shake your hair out and rake your fingers through it while spraying texture spray to give it that tousled, just-woken-up finish. Again, rub the ends of the strands to rough them up a little more, this time with some serum, then finish off the look with hairspray.