Shampoo, Conditioner And Your Hair Extensions

Shampoo, Conditioner And Your Hair Extensions

Ok, we’ll say it… the right shampoo and conditioner matters! Especially with hair extensions which need extra special TLC. Hair extension hair isn’t receiving the vitamins and minerals that your own hair does through its roots. And considering you’ve spent money on your extensions, it makes perfect sense to invest in high-quality products to look after them properly.

Enter… Medusa! As well as providing top of the line, highest quality Indian Remy human hair extensions, we also have all the products you need to keep your extensions looking fabulous and lasting as long as possible. Here at Medusa, we stock X-Ten shampoo and conditioner (as well as other treatments and styling products) made by Natural Look, an Australian company. They’re designed specifically for extensions to address the common issues experienced like the need to preserve and provide moisture, eliminate frizz, and give shine.

When it comes to shampooing and conditioning your hair extensions, only wash when necessary, but do wash! Like the hair on your head, your extensions are not exempt from amassing dirt and grime. If left untreated, this will eventually ruin the wefts and strands. At the same time, be mindful that over treating the hair will shorten its life span.

Using a shampoo free from sodium laureth sulphate (a common foaming agent) will extend the life of your extensions and prevent them from becoming dry. The right conditioner will lock in moisture and shine to your strands. Apply conditioner generously through the mid-lengths and ends of your own hair and your extensions to keep your tresses in tip-top condition.

To sum up, if you wish to get the most out of your hair extension purchase, whether you use ours or other products, use shampoo and conditioner that has been designed especially for hair extension hair in order to maximise your extensions’ life span and keep them looking amazing!