Shiny Hair: What Stylists Know That The Rest Of Us Should Too

Shiny Hair: What Stylists Know That The Rest Of Us Should Too

The truth is, the secret to mirror-shiny hair isn’t all that complicated, it’s just a matter of doing the right things. Stylists know this! And it’s about time everybody else did too (well, anybody who cares about having amazing looking hair anyway!)

Here are some things that stylists know:

Washing your hair often is a good thing

Even though we’ve been told that washing your hair too frequently is a big no-no, and yes, it’s true, a harsh shampoo used day after day can be damaging to your locks, stylists know that washing your hair more frequently will help it look shiny and healthy. By using a really good shampoo and conditioner, you’ll relieve dull and lacklustre looking tresses caused by oily roots and product residue such as layers of dry shampoo. But it has to be top quality shampoo and conditioner, otherwise, it will strip your hair of any nutrients and make it brittle and dry.

Shampooing twice is a necessity

Stylists know that it takes two hydrating shampoos to really get rid of all the build-up of product and hair grease in your mane. The first shampoo is to get started on the layers that are coating your roots so that by the second you’re really getting some foamy lathering happening, and this is when your tresses will get thoroughly revitalised and freshened.

Rinsing hair in cool water will make it shiny

Stylists know that rinsing your hair in cool (not cold!) water for five seconds at the end of your wash will smooth down and seal the cuticle, locking in shine and moisture.

Always brush with a top-quality hairbrush and with care

Stylists know that it’s important to brush your hair carefully to avoid breakage and snapping, and to brush your hair with a quality, natural bristle hair brush. If you use a cheap hairbrush with plastic bristles, and on top of that you’re racing around in the morning trying to detangle your locks while making toast, you will end up with damage to your hair.