Spring Racing Carnival Hair

Spring Racing Carnival Hair

It’s all about horses and headpieces… it’s one of those times us girls are expected to shine! Play around and have fun with your hair and pull off your look of choice with these accessory friendly hairstyles.

Hair long, straight and down

Keeping it sleek and elegant, a centre part is best with this look. After blow drying use your straightener and a light serum for a silky finish.  Light hairspray will smooth it down while still allowing for natural movement.

Chunky side braid

A low and chunky side braid is fun and fresh. Begin with your hair teased or curled for extra body. Sweep your mop over to one side and plait loosely, adding more hair as you go. To build volume once the braid is complete, gently pull apart the strands with your fingers.

Low messy braids

Work dry shampoo into the roots to create soft volume and texture to work with. Part in the centre and create two loose, low braids that come together to form a messy bun upon reaching the nape of the neck. Spray with light hairspray to secure for the day.

Side swept chignon

Start with a low swept side ponytail. Curl with tongs, then brush out and tease the pony to create volume. Form a loose braid and curl it around the hair elastic. Secure with pins and finish with shine spray.

You can be as adventurous as you want (within reason!) if you coordinate your whole look correctly. Try out a headband, tiara or a floppy hat. Adding hair extensions specially for the event, such as clip in hair extensions, will effortlessly add length and thickness. Once you have your makeup and outfit sorted, this leaves you with little to worry about except your picks for the day!

Good Luck!