Taking Proper Care Of Your Hair Extensions: The Dos And Don’ts

Taking Proper Care Of Your Hair Extensions: The Dos And Don’ts

Whether it’s your first time wearing hair extensions or if you just need a little refresher, here are some helpful tips for keeping your hair extensions as luscious as possible for as long as possible:

Do not blow dry (as much as possible). The less you heat style your hair the longer it will last. Leaving to air dry is best.

Do not sleep in clip ins. Wearing them while you sleep will rough up the tips of the strands and result in a tangled mess.

 Do not toss your clip ins on the floor (no matter how late you get in!). Either hang them somewhere safely or place in a bag as soon as you remove them.

Do not use dry shampoo. It can dull your hair colour and also cause major product build up if used to excess, which can damage your hair.

Do not use hair spray. The chemical ingredients in hair spray will damage the remy hair. Best to avoid it altogether.

 Do not use permanent hair colour. Semi-permanent is best for locking in moisture.

Do use a brush specifically designed for hair extension hair (such as our tangle-teezer brush). Your hair needs to be untangled gently, without snagging and pulling on the bonded roots.

Do consider a hair mask. These can be purchased from the chemist or you can make one of your own; there are hundreds of internet recipes for you to choose from.

Do rinse with cold water. Avoid very hot showers as this is quite harmful to hair extensions. A warm shower followed by a cold rinse is best.

Do use a protective oil treatment such as Argan or Moroccan oil to replenish the natural oils that your extensions will be void of.

 Do use our available products. X-ten reconstructor will protect the hair from heat styling and remove knots and tangles. X-ten split ends milk not only repairs split ends but nourishes and rejuvenates the hair also.


We wish your hair extensions a long and healthy life!!