The 2019 Blunt Cut

The 2019 Blunt Cut

Boho queens, try not to cry but it might be time to freshen up your look. We are noticing a move away from the albeit tried, tested and true, layered haircut, in favour of the newly revitalised 2019 blunt cut. Celebs all over town from the Kardashians, to Krysten Ritter and Emma Stone, have been injecting new life into the old-school style, with a clean, fresh result that’s easy to love.

Goodbye Layers

Long, graduated layers work well for many reasons: they will lighten up thick hair, create volume for thin hair, and can be tailored precisely to flatter just about any face shape. However, layers can tend to look a little scraggly and tired, with sometimes stringy, lacklustre ends.

Why The Blunt Cut

The wonderful thing about the blunt cut is its sharp, straight-across finish, resulting in thicker looking ends, making your mane look fuller, healthier, and thus more youthful.

The long and glossy, pin-straight blunt cut style has been all the rage at this year’s fashion shows. Models rocked the cool, shiny look in Versace, emulating Donatella’s signature sheer curtain style, thanks to the use of flat irons, with generous amounts of much-needed heat protectant. Electric razors were used to create the sharpest edge possible on the models’ hair, creating solid blocks of hair with crisp, straight ends.

The blunt cut is the best way we can think of to update a stale, or partly grown out haircut. You’re aiming for a level, ultra-clean, even line, all the way around the ends of your tresses.

A Curly Situation

Those with extra thick, coarse or curly locks will need an exceptional hairdresser to skilfully avoid ending up with an unfortunate mushroomy, inverted triangle effect, which can be prevented through careful, precise softening at the ends.

Wondering if you can rock the blunt cut with hair extensions? Of course, you can! Simply take your Medusa Hair Extensions with you and request your stylist to cut them in for you at your next appointment.