The Beautiful Hair Colour Trend Sweeping Brazil Right Now

The Beautiful Hair Colour Trend Sweeping Brazil Right Now

Nobody rocks a naturally long, shiny, lustrous mane quite like the Brazilian girls I know. I’ve always assumed it’s mostly luck… super good genes seem to bless the ladies of Brazil! But now it’s been revealed that a stunning new hair colour trend is sweeping the nation, and we’re all set to jump on board and try out ‘illuminated brunette’ for ourselves.

Illuminated Brunette

This look is perfect for anybody who is a brunette but wants to add some gentle, sun-kissed highlights whilst keeping their chocolatey hue throughout the warmer months. The end result is the look of a natural brunette who’s just returned from a sunny holiday spent tanning on the beaches of Sao Paulo. Think of it as a very subtle form of balayage that’s specifically tailored for brown, rather than blonde hair.

Three Shades Lighter

The hair colour is so versatile it will suit any shade of brown: just ask your hairdresser to go no more than three shades lighter than what you’re starting with, it’s really that simple.

To get the desired effect you want by adding hair extensions, the same applies. Go no more than two or three shades lighter than your original hair colour, starting at the ends and gently blending the highlights in until you reach the midsection of your hair, ensuring there’s no harsh line where the light to dark begins and ends.

Fuss Free Hair

The colour is so wonderfully low maintenance you can get away with no touch ups for around six months, even up to a year! Plus, as this hair colouring technique only requires such a minimal amount of hair dye, your locks will easily stay naturally healthy and shiny with little extra effort and maintenance required.


Feature Image Credit – L’oréal Paris