The Best Makeup For Your Hair Colour

The Best Makeup For Your Hair Colour

If you have changed your hair colour recently, you may have since noticed that something seems a little off about your makeup. Perhaps, even though you’ve been applying it as you always have, maybe it doesn’t look right anymore: because different makeup will suit some shades of hair colour more than others.

Consider the following aspects of hair and makeup the next time you’re painting your face, and ensure you stay as amazing looking as possible, no matter the shade of your hair colour.


Don’t forget your brows. It’s not necessary to dye them, but you can update your brow pencil colour. Brunettes look great with a brow colour that’s three shades lighter than their hair colour, while blondes can go three shades darker. If you’re a redhead, pick a reddish shade that’s close to, but not the exact shade of your hair, and if your hair is black, keep your brows black too.

Warm and cool tones matter

Think about whether your hair has warm or cool tones: for example, platinum versus golden-blonde, and match this with your makeup. This will look more natural, and prevent your face from appearing washed out, or your makeup from looking too harsh.

Use contrast to make your hair and features sing

Contrast is a great way to make your hair and/or makeup colour pop. Firstly, have a look at a colour wheel. Next, pick the colour opposite your hair and use it in your makeup to enhance a select feature, such as your lips or eyes.

A few colour specific tips…

If you’re blonde, stick to pastel shades to match the brightness of your locks. Think soft, neutral, pale pinks, peaches or rose hues for your lips and cheeks, and brown eyeliner and mascara. Bronzer looks fantastic on blondes and will add a sun-kissed, warm element that complements the lighter colours in your hair.

If you’re dark brown or raven-haired, you’ll want your makeup to reflect the richness of your hair colour, so go for warm, deeper reds and browns. Brunettes can usually wear almost any colours, so go nuts with experimenting to see what works for you.

If your hair is red, go for neutral, nude colours, such as brown, champagne and amber. Avoid bronzer altogether. It’s been said that redheads shouldn’t wear pink or red lipstick, but, as rules are made to be broken, try it anyway and see what works. Just keep your lip as a matte or a stain to keep it understated and natural looking.

Feature image – Emma Chen