The Lob

The Lob

The lob (short for ‘long bob’) is always hot right now. It’s a hairstyle that falls anywhere between the collarbone or the chin and is usually slightly shorter at the back. Let’s go over some of the key things we think you should know about this wonderfully anything-but-boring ‘do. 


The best thing about the lob is its versatility; it can be shaped in a variety of different ways to suit just about anybody. Anything from choppy and layered sans fringe, to smooth and sleek with long, straight bangs. Think of the in-between hair length you’ve seen lately, with an effortless cool-girl edge.  

The lob looks fantastic on everybody, no matter what the shape of your face, or whether you have curly, wavy, or stick straight hair. Your stylist will be able to gauge which style of lob will suit you best.  

Regular Maintenance

The lob may require frequent visits to your salon, you may need a trim every six weeks to maintain the right length and shape. This might seem like a lot, but regular snips will not only keep your mane looking chic, it will also preserve its health and thicknessAlternatively, lay aside the scissors for a while, and watch as this cut allows your hair to look great while it’s growing out.  

Effortless Styling

Lobs look best when styled with effortless seeming waves and straight ends, so utilise your heated tools and hair products to maximise volume and bounce. Try misting with sea salt spray, and running your fingers through freshly washed hair, before then letting it air-dry for a gorgeously natural finish.  

Feeling like you need a nice fresh look for summer and tempted to ask your hairstylist to grab the scissors and get busy?