The Side Part is Having a Renaissance

Move over middle parts, side parts are staging a renaissance. Yep, you read right. Side parts are officially no longer uncool. After a decade in the wilderness, with middle parts dominating the hairstyle landscape, the tide has officially turned and we're suddenly seeing side parts everywhere again—and they're looking chicer than ever.

A Classic Reinvented

Let's just say it again - the side part isn't a thing of the past; it's a go-to look for right now. We can confirm that although Gen Z and TikTok were poo pooing the side part as recently as three years ago, they're now all over it. The reinvented version of this classic is sleeker, with a more modern look. 

The Basics: Creating Your Side Part

Creating the perfect side part is easier than ever. Whether you want a sharp, defined part or something more relaxed and natural, you can use a comb or even your fingers to achieve the look. Experiment with the placement to find what suits your face shape best, and don’t be afraid to change it up!

Extensions: A Game Changer

Extensions aren't just for length anymore. With Medusa Hair Extensions, you can add volume and texture to your side part, crafting a look that's uniquely yours. From natural blends to bold transformations, extensions allow for endless creativity.

Everyday Looks

  • Workday Chic: Keep it sleek and professional with a straightened look.
  • Casual Weekend: Let your hair down with relaxed waves or a messy bun that shows off that side part.

Evening Styles

  • Date Night: Soft curls with a deep side part create a romantic vibe perfect for a night out with that special someone.
  • Party Time: Turn heads by pairing your side part with a high ponytail or an elegant updo.

Celebs Rocking the Side Part

It's not just us; celebs are all about the side part. From red carpets to casual coffee runs, stars are showcasing how versatile and stylish this look can be. Just get a load of Margot Robbie's 2023 Met Gala 90's supermodel blowout with a side part. 

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • For Fine Hair: Use a volumising spray and consider adding some extensions for fullness.
  • For Curly Hair: Embrace your natural texture and let your curls frame your face, accentuating that side part.
  • For Short Hair: A side part can add dimension and style to even the shortest pixie cuts.

How to Keep Your Side Part Looking Sharp

Like any hairstyle, the side part needs some TLC. Regular trims and quality hair products can keep your locks looking fabulous. And if you’re using extensions, proper care will ensure they stay looking fresh.

The side part is more than just a trend; it's a style statement that's as versatile as it is timeless. From everyday elegance to special occasion glamour, it's a look that can be tailored to fit your personal style. So grab your comb, and your favourite products and have a play with the side part.

Blog Post Thumbnail Image Credit: @rodrigues_ricardo