The True Value Of Hair Extensions As Explained By A Thin Haired Girl!

The True Value Of Hair Extensions As Explained By A Thin Haired Girl!

by Renee Thurston – ‘Idea Maker & Image Creator’

Going through life as a thin-haired girl has been very much the bane of my ego’s existence. To the point, I was sure that people with thick gorgeous locks were living a much more enhanced life than my thin-haired one.

A Lazy Girl’s Gift

I was never into the idea of hair extensions, mostly due to a fear of lots of upkeep. And if I am to be completely honest, I have always had a rather lazy approach to hairstyling. However, this all changed when I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Throw out some bonus locks as a part of the deal, and I’m anybody’s. I’m still not sure whether this generous gesture was for my benefit or for my friend, the bride. It was probably to prevent my thin wispy locks from pulling down her thick bouncy chocolate curls in the wedding photos. But seriously, who cares about the real reason – I seized the opportunity with great enthusiasm. I was already excited about being a bridesmaid, but the thought of extra hair? Well, that was literally a coveted dream come true.

Less Time Getting Ready, More Time To Party

Honestly, looking back now, I think of all the time I could have saved in the past getting ready for special occasions. I don’t know why I resisted. If I were a smarter individual, I would have invested in some clip-in extensions long before, but instead, I persevered with every volumiser, hairspray and curl cream on the market, whipping myself into a frenzy, hating on my hair and tiring myself out well before ever turning up at an event.

Confidence Booster

Now I love extensions, they have given me loads of confidence! If I were to suggest my favourite, it would have to be Medusa Original Clip-Ins this silly season. They’re secure and super comfortable to wear, and you will be clipping them in quickly and without fuss after just a few minutes practice. If I can do it, so can you! The quality is also incredible.

Hair Is An Accessory Too

It’s true, we’ve come along way since the ’80s when hair extensions caused all sorts of damage to your hair (and scalp). Hair extensions these days are a must-have addition to your beauty arsenal. You wouldn’t think twice about heading to the salon to get a manicure or a spray tan, so why in the world would you neglect your hair? Do what makes you feel good, and you know what they say, the bigger the hair, the bigger the smile. Feeling good about yourself is healthy, and for me, the fastest route to feeling good around festive time is extensions!