The Wrap Around Ponytail

The Wrap Around Ponytail

Have you tried one of our favourite classic hairstyles… the humble ponytail? We absolutely love it! It’s one of the most practical and diverse hairstyle that exists.

The ponytail is so versatile, for example, that you can start your day off wearing it to the gym, then later on in the evening to a five star restaurant! You can make it simple; pulling all the hair on your head back from your face and securing it with a couple of neat twists of an elastic band. Or you can inject it with your own brand of creativity and style, incorporating braids, twists or adorning it with accessories.

A really elegant and simple style is the wrap around ponytail. This is so easy that anybody can do it, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to achieve, so it’s perfect as a last minute emergency option. For best results, we recommend utilizing our Ponytail Extension for an ultra voluminous look.

For A Quick And Easy Ponytail Extension Wrap

Begin by brushing your hair back into a regular ponytail. You can make this high up on the top of your head, in the middle or down low… is all fine. You can do this to the effect of sleek and smooth or messy and uneven, both ways will look fabulous. We do recommend using a hair elastic the same colour as your hair so it remains undetected beneath the wrap.

Take your Medusa clip on ponytail hair piece with the French lace side facing downwards. Place it on the top of the base of your ponytail and slide the clip into place above your hair elastic. Pull out a thick strand of hair from the top of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic. Finish with it tucked underneath, out of sight and bobby pinned to secure in place.

There you have it… the basic ponytail wrap! We hope you love it as much as we do!