Tips And Tricks To Hide Your Regrowth

Tips And Tricks To Hide Your Regrowth

I love getting my hair done… the cut, the colour, the blow dry, the shampoo-and-conditioner-scalp-massage mmmmm. What I don’t love, is a couple of weeks later when my natural hair colour starts to show through.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that have saved me more trips than I care to make to my hairdresser, plus saving me precious time and my hard-earned cash. Instead of wearing a hat or a scarf until your next salon appointment, try one of these styling tips instead:

Create a messy, or a zigzag part. A straight parting is a dead giveaway that your roots are in need of a touch-up, whereas a less defined line will help disguise and blend the colour that’s coming through.

Cover it up with a quick-fix, temporary colour. In the old days women used mascara to touch up their roots. Now, there are options such as root concealer, coloured dry shampoo, hair chalks, fill-in powders, or you can even utilize makeup – blondes can use baby powder, and brunettes, a matching coloured eyeshadow. Check the Halloween aisle for spray on colour too.

Think ahead, go balayage. The last few visits to my hairdresser he’s given me a colour that’s designed to look great growing out, so the roots are actually welcome.