Tips For Better Braids

Tips For Better Braids

Beautiful braids are a sight to behold, and they’re more popular now than ever before. Don’t be daunted by the seemingly complex descriptions such as fishtail, double Dutch, and corset braiding; just follow these simple tips for better braids that would have Elsa freezing with envy in no time at all.  

Let’s Get Started

1. Start simple. Don’t try to tackle that most awesome but complicated braid that you love and have been dying to try, as your first attempt. Try some three-strand braids first to build up your skill base and increase your confidence. Elsa and her hair will always be there.

2. The tighter the braid, the better it will hold, so ensure it’s as secure as possible before you tie it up. 

3. For a sleek braid, style when it’s wet or damp, or apply some product such as hair wax, mousse, or hairspray before you begin. This will help keep its shape, hold it in place, and smooth down flyaways 

4. Messy braids are cool. Messy and chunky is cooler. Utilise our hair extensions for more volume, and if you’re going for messy, try dry shampoo or volumizer before braiding, and don’t mind the little poky-outey bits.  

girl with blonde braided hair wearing a red singlet and black tights squatting to lift a barbell with heavy weights a

5. For layered hair, mist with hairspray before braiding to prevent little pieces popping out.  

6. Dirty hair is easier to braid with as it will grip to itself naturally. If you’re working with freshly washed, silky tresses, just spray on some light hairspray before styling 

7. Practice. Be patient. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get what you want exactly right the first time. In fact, embrace your mistakes, you can always make them work for you (messy is cool remember!). 

8. Experiment. Try different things. Depending on your own personal style, your hairstyle, texture, length, etc, feel free to embrace your inner artist and see what results you can get from trying different things, it’s how all the best hairstyles get created!