Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Curling Iron

Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Curling Iron

With an endless array of information available at the touch of a button on how to maximise the best use of your curling iron, it may seem almost impossible to get it wrong. Right?

With a sea of advice on how to achieve the look that you want, its easy to become confused and overwhelmed, and sometimes end up just throwing in the towel and doing things your own way, making a few critical faux pas along the way. Inevitably, as a result, more often than not, your hair will end up sticking out in precisely the direction you don’t want it to.

Here are some of the top mistakes that you can make with your curling iron and ways to avoid them:

Mistake Number 1: That You Need A Larger Curling Iron To Make Bigger Waves.

For a start, a larger curling iron is more challenging to use. Tighter curls with a smaller iron are best for big waves as they will naturally fall out as the day goes on anyway.

Mistake Number 2: Not Spraying On Hairspray In The Beginning

If you spray hairspray after you’ve curled your hair it can fall flat. Use hairspray beforehand as a prepping product, and this will help the curls set while they’re under the heat of the iron.

Mistake Number 3: Not Using A Heat Protectant

A heat protectant is a must! It may seem like a pain, an unnecessary expense, and even change the texture of your hair, but over time your strands will fry if you repeatedly omit this step.

Mistake Number 4: Using The Wrong Heat Setting

Be careful if your hair isn’t at its healthiest as the quickest way to dry your strands is by turning the setting up too much. Hot doesn’t equate to better curls.

Mistake Number 5: You’re Using The Wrong Iron For The Result That You Want

Old school glamour curls will require a small curling wand, whereas if you want messy, beachy waves, creating bendy S-curves with a flat iron is your best bet.