Top Features & Benefits Of Invisible Tape Hair Extensions

Blonde model in a hair salon wearing Medusa 20" Invisible Tape Hair Extensions. Her hair has been styled in a half up do.

Have you noticed us being all excited lately about the new Medusa range of Euro Remy Invisible Tape Hair Extensions? You have probably also wondered what makes them so unique.

Let’s just take a look at our top features and benefits of Invisible Tape Hair Extensions to help you make a decision about which tape extensions are the best choice for your hair.

Features & Benefits

  1. Invisible tapes are made from a thin, transparent material with the hair injected into it so it appears to be growing from it. Once applied the hair appears to be growing from your scalp. This means they are less noticeable than regular tapes which can be harder to hide.
  2. Invisible tape hair extensions can be used for many different hairstyles. They are particularly great for high ponytails, updo’s, half-up hair and styles that make it a little harder to hide extensions.
  3. They are also especially well suited to use on fine, thin hair as they are easier to hide than regular tapes.
  4. Your Invisible Tape Hair will last for up to three months or an entire season, making them the ultimate accessory for an active lifestyle. The benefit here is that you won’t have to fuss with temporary hair extension solutions. Apply and forget (well, almost).

Medusa Invisible Tape Hair is made for premium quality Euro Remy hair and is available online in 8 popular colours. We will also colour match your hair if you can’t find your perfect colour from our existing range.

Happy shopping, Beauties!

Love, Medusa 🌸 xx