Transform Your Look: 10 Chic Halo Extensions Hairstyles to Elevate Your Style

Transforming Your Tresses: A Guide to Halo Extensions Hairstyles

Halo extensions are applied by sectioning off the hair around the crown and securing the weft and band in place. The simple band holding everything in place makes Halo hair extensions super comfortable to wear throughout the day, making them a great choice for all day wear. 

To pump up the volume for styles like voluminous curls, we recommend you wash your halo extensions before styling. 

You also have options, depending on how you want to style your hair. The fullness of braids or buns can be adjusted by using fine or medium halo extensions depending on the thickness of your natural hair. Various hairstyles like messy low buns or a partial bun can be achieved with halo extensions, giving you lots of flexibility with styling.

An Intro to Halo's

Medusa Halo hair extensions are created from high-quality 100% Remy human hair which on a scale of 1-10 form lowest to absolute highest quality, would rate around an 8. For the uninitiated, Remy hair means that the cuticles are kept intact and aligned in one direction, which prevents tangling and matting, making a big difference to the hair’s natural look and lasting power.​

These extensions are designed for ease of use, you can apply them quickly in under a minute, and are perfect for daily wear. Hello lush long locks from the gym to work, then out for dinner! Halo extensions are a game-changer for adding volume and length to your hair, giving your styles a boost without any damage risk.  Over use of clip ins can lead to hair damage and loss, so halo extensions offer a safer alternative for everyday. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE our clip ins, but every hair extension method has its own place in your beauty routine.

Not forgetting to mention, Halo extensions can be customised by your hairdresser to match you individual hairstyle and are versatile enough to be washed and heat styled.

Effortless Elegance: The Classic Halo-Twisted Bun

Wearing halo extensions is a breeze, and they're so comfy you'll forget you even have them on! Just section off your hair around the crown, pop the halo extensions in place, and you're good to go.

Halo extensions are perfect for giving any hairstyle that extra oomph. Whether you're rocking a twisted bun, a messy low bun, or a half-updo, halo extensions add fullness and volume effortlessly. Follow a few easy steps like twisting, pinning, and curling with your halo extensions, and you'll have a fabulous look in no time!

Boho Beauty: Cascading Side Braid with Halo Extensions

To start your side braid, grab a triangular section of hair near your left forehead and split it into three strands. Begin braiding by crossing the right and left strands over the center one, adding new sections of hair as you go to build the braid.

Try the waterfall braid technique by dropping the bottom strand and adding new hair to create a cascading effect, moving across to the left side of your head.

Keep braiding until you reach the nape of your neck on the left side, maintaining your braid pattern from the previous steps. Once your braid reaches the neckline, tuck and secure the end underneath with bobby pins for a sleek finish.

Glam Up: Voluminous Curls for a Night Out

Before using a curling wand on halo extensions, it's best to apply a heat protectant spray to avoid damage from high temperatures. Make sure to spray evenly, focusing on mid-lengths and ends where halo extensions are most vulnerable to heat.

When curling halo extensions, always use a heat protectant and choose the lowest temperature setting, as halo extensions typically hold curls longer than natural hair. The heat protectant spray forms an invisible shield, protecting your hair up to 230°C, so you can curl your halo extensions worry-free.

Sleek and Chic: The Polished Halo Ponytail

Creating a high ponytail with halo extensions adds both length and volume, making it a perfect choice for a sleek look. Halo extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with natural hair, essential for crafting ponytails without visible attachments or adhesives.

When installing halo extensions for a ponytail, proper placement of the wefts is critical to ensure they are covered by natural hair and the blend is undetectable. To start forming the sleek high ponytail, first secure a section of natural hair at the back of the head before attaching the halo extensions.

After the ponytail is secured, eliminate any bumps by running your hands through the hair, contributing to the sleek appearance of the hairstyle. Using a comb helps to smooth out any flyaways, which is crucial in refining the sleek look of the halo ponytail. The polished halo ponytail is not only stylish for a night out but also practical enough for everyday wear, offering versatility to the wearer.

Weekend Waves: Beachy Texture with Halo Extensions

Halo extensions are perfect for adding that extra thickness to your natural hair, ideal for creating those effortless beachy waves for a chilled weekend vibe. 

Start by attaching your halo extensions, dampen your hair, and apply a lightweight mousse. Twist and blow-dry section by section, then release the clips and gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb for those dreamy, natural-looking waves. 

To keep it looking real, style your human hair halo extensions along with your own hair so the waves blend seamlessly. If you're rocking synthetic halo extensions, they often come pre-styled, making it super easy to achieve the look with minimal effort, especially for those with fine, shoulder-length hair. 💁‍♀️

For the best results, use the right styling products on your halo extensions to minimize washing – steer clear of sticky hairsprays. And remember, styling your halo extensions while they're on your head helps prevent any damage to your natural hair.

Get ready to slay with those fabulous beach waves and enjoy the versatility halo extensions bring to your styling game! 

Romantic Twists: Half-Up, Half-Down Halo Style

Position your halo extensions slightly lower than usual to ensure they stay hidden for that perfect half-up, half-down hairstyle. Start by gathering a small section of hair from the top of your head into a ponytail, making sure to leave enough hair down at the back to cover the halo extensions.

Tighten the ponytail to lift the crown section and add some volume by backcombing underneath. For the final touch, curl the hair left down to enhance the style with volume and a flowing, romantic look. 
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Bold and Beautiful: The Halo High-Top Knot

Creating a halo high-top knot involves adding volume and bulk to your hair using halo extensions. Start by teasing the hair at the crown before pulling it into a high ponytail to create a voluminous base for the top knot.

Attach the halo extensions by removing the wire and securing them with bobby pins underneath the base of the ponytail. Then, wrap the hair and halo extensions around the base of the ponytail to form a high-top knot, securing with pins.

This method ensures a fuller, more stylish high-top knot that looks effortlessly chic! 

Subtle Sophistication: Low Chignon with Halo Enhancements

Before assembling the chignon, apply a volumising product to clean, dry hair and create texture with loose curls for better integration of the halo extensions. Using halo extensions, add the necessary volume to the hair before styling it into a low chignon for a fuller, more sophisticated updo.

Once the chignon is formed, pull out a few strands at the front to frame your face, adding a touch of subtle elegance to the updo. Elevate the sophistication of the low chignon by accessorising with headbands, decorative clips, or statement earrings for more formal events.

This approach ensures a stunning and elegant look, perfect for any occasion! 

Dynamic Duo: Halo Extension Braided Headband

Creating a DIY braided headband using halo extensions is a great way to switch up your look without permanently altering the extensions, so you can reuse them for different styles later.

To craft a braided headband with halo extensions, start with a thin elastic headband as your base. Wrap and secure the halo extensions around it before braiding. As you braid the hair around the elastic headband, make sure the band is hidden within the braid for a natural look.

Maintain a balance of tension while crafting the braided headband to keep it securely in place without slipping, while still allowing for comfortable adjustment to fit your head perfectly. This versatile style is perfect for adding a chic touch to any outfit! 

Power Pony: The Ultimate Halo Extension Ponytail

Apply the halo extensions after selecting a top section of hair and securing the rest into a low-mid ponytail, leaving a small section around the front for added height and volume.

Make sure the halo extensions are clipped in securely to enhance the ponytail, giving it a long-lasting, powerful look. Accessorise the base of the ponytail with a scrunchie or headscarf to add a decorative element and elevate the style.

Halo hair extensions provide the advantage of quick and easy application and removal, making the transformation into a power pony both swift and convenient. With halo extensions, you can achieve that chic, voluminous ponytail effortlessly!