Two Easy Hairstyles That’ll Rock Your 2018 Christmas Parties

Two Easy Hairstyles That’ll Rock Your 2018 Christmas Parties

Somewhere in December between all those end-of-year catchups and checking your lists twice,  there’s also the work Christmas party to consider. This is an opportunity to quite literally let your hair down, and toast to the beginning of the holidays.

Depending on where you work it is often the only event on the office calendar that actually encourages you to drop formalities and allow your true self to shine.  What better way to express your individuality than through the way you dress and style your hair. If you’ve ever thought about gifting yourself with a set of human hair extensions, now is the time and really, who could think of a better way to spend your Christmas bonus?!

Raise your party-hair game this year with these two amazing hairstyles that’ll keep it together right through until night’s end!

Messy Waves

Did I just mention messy? These perfectly imperfect waves that tumble down your back are so much fun and will show a different you to the pulled back workday tidiness. Perfect for the dance floor!

  1. Apply a styling product to wet hair
  2. Blow dry hair with head upside down to create volume
  3. Curl sections of hair with your curling wand
  4. Apply texturizing product whilst shaking your hair with your hands
  5. Finish with hairspray and voila, you’re good to go!

Slicked Back Glam

The slicked-back look you’ve seen on the red carpet lately is easier to achieve than you might think. Dress to impress!

  1. Apply a thermal protection spray to clean dry hair
  2. Straighten hair with a flat iron
  3. Pull hair half back into a half ponytail
  4. Spray all the hair above your ears and in front with a firm hold hairspray
  5. Secure the hair above your ears with a pin
  6. Remove the ponytail and let the pins sit until the hairspray has completely dried
  7. Remove the pins
  8. Set the entire hairstyle with a flexible hold spray