Ultra-Long Hair

Ultra-Long Hair

Ultra-long hair is back and we’re loving it! Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and Kim K have all been photographed recently with silky super-long tresses, and we can see why stylishly long, gorgeous locks have taken off again.

For many centuries, not too long ago long hair was a sign of fertility in a woman. The image of Lady Godiva riding through the streets with nothing except her long hair covering her body has become a symbol of beauty and civic freedom. Today a woman with long, thick, shiny hair looks feminine, youthful and healthy. And it’s never been easier to get it, with Medusa Hair Extensions Australia supplying beautifully natural long hair that can be delivered to your door whenever you need.

The biggest advantage of ultra-long hair is that once your hair extensions have been clipped, sewn or taped in, there’s not much else that needs doing! Your long, healthy, lustrous locks say it all, just as they are! Style your long locks to look super sleek and straight, or do soft mermaid waves, both will make you look and feel divine.

For straight and sleek, use a hair brush while straightening them to make it easier. Finish with some good hair oil and a spritz of hairspray to smooth down any flyaways and really ensure a sleekness that’s runway ready.

For mermaid waves, you will need some good curling tongs. For a beachier, more mussed look, curl every second section of hair going in the other direction.

The most important thing is to keep them looking healthy and shiny, so ensure you are buying the best hair products available to keep your extensions in tip-top shape. Things like proper storage and letting your hair and hair extensions air dry once in a while are important. It will help extend the life of your hair extensions and keeping them looking soft, glossy and beautiful.

Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar